I've been fascinated with the transformative properties of color for as long as I can remember and have vivid visions of staining my skin with harvested blackberries as a kid. It was in these early years that I learned how sticky spider webs feel on fingertips and that "dirt don't hurt" when you want to consume a fallen fruit. Today I honor vibrancy and quirkiness at every turn and purposely stain my fingers when eating pomegranates or beets for the joy alone. Color is highly therapeutic and I love to enliven the vision of those who wear and view my work.

Makeup and photography as artistic mediums entered my life as healing modalities in 2003. Recovering from Leukemia with a foggy chemo brain, the various colors, textures and shape shifting encouraged a freedom of expression that words didn't exist for. I learned that there is great power in this as life imitates art. 15 years later and I have since freelanced for myself and several cosmetic lines in cities across the US. I've indulged my love of photography, learned how to better manipulate a camera and continue to develop an understanding of light in a more refined manner.

  Enamored by "treasure", I have always collected material that inspired me for one reason or another. Deconstructing jewelry and clothing, and transforming the materials into a differently balanced aesthetic that better suited my vision has been with me since I learned collaging at 3. I've recently learned how to metalsmith and am challenging myself with design and bringing shape and form to raw material, rather than reworking and transforming what already exists. I look forward to perfecting the practice and integrating the art into my offering in years to come. 

In honoring my spirit and gift of sensitivity I have learned several modalities of energy work and practice shamanic arts. As such, everything I create I do with absolute divine intention. There is always more than meets the eye channeled into what is made and I utilize a variety of mediums to evoke and harness the vibrations present in what I create whether it is a physical item crafted or transient experience (medicinal makeup, reiki).  All items are made with ethically sourced, oftentimes up-cycled, organic materials charged with reiki, solfeggio frequencies and / or channeled specifically for custom orders. 

 I am currently based in California. However you were led to me, it's a pleasure to make your acquaintance.