Risa Robins-Moloney is a visual artist, energy worker and craftswoman.


the sunlight that spills through the leaves

 photographer:  Robert Billings

photographer: Robert Billings


I've been fascinated with the transformative properties of color for as long as I can remember. Vivid visions of staining my skin with harvested blackberries live behind my eyes to this day. It was in these early years that I learned how sticky spider webs feel on fingertips and that "dirt don't hurt" when you want to consume a fallen fruit. Makeup and photography as art forms entered my life as healing modalities in 2003. Recovering from Leukemia with a foggy chemo brain, the various colors, textures and shape shifting encouraged a freedom of expression that words didn't exist for. I learned that there is great power in this as life imitates art. 

15 years later and I have since freelanced for myself and several cosmetic lines in cities across the US. I've indulged my love of photography, learned how to manipulate a "real" camera and understand light in a more refined manner. In honoring my spirit and gift of sensitivity I have also learned several modalities of energy work and practice shamanic arts. 2018 has taught me how to silversmith and I look forward to perfecting the practice and integrating the art into my offering in years to come. However you were led to me, it's a pleasure to make your acquaintance. 





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