In an effort to create high vibrational, eco friendly adornments, all pieces are made with repurposed beads, recycled metal when possible and organic materials. The less plastic we invest in with every choice we make, the better off our world will be.

Copper Hexagon Earrings with Sterling Silver posts // Citrine & Sterling Silver Diamond Basket Ring // Brass, Pyrite, Rose Quartz & Silk necklace // Labradorite & Sterling Silver Pendant // Brass, Copper & Pyrite Earring // Brass, Copper and Garnet Earring // Brass, Copper and Clay Scarab bead // // Nuummite and Copper Pendant


Dream Dolls & Medicine Masks

All dream doll, dream masks and medicine masks are created with repurposed silk sourced from thrifted garments, stuffed with organic flax seed, mung beans and black beluga beans, lavender, calea zacatechichi and mugwort.  Medicine masks are beaded with reiki infused patterns and crystals to a variety of aural medicine (solfeggio frequencies, Icaros, chants, binaural beats etc) . The internal soup of medicine masks have all the ingredients of the dream masks along with any combination of additional herbs which vary depending upon the medicine of the piece.