Reiki is an energetic art form that gently seeded its way into my life long before I ever experienced it. My first session opened channels I hadn't even realized were blocked and I knew it was something I needed to learn to utilize for myself and to be able to provide for others.

Reiki is a hands on technique that promotes the body's natural ability for self healing. REI is the Japanese word for 'universal' and is also a reference to the higher dimension of light and soul. KI is the Japanese word which means the 'vital life force' of energy which interpenetrates and connects everything and everyone. Reiki is believed to be 6,000 years old with origins found in ancient Tibet and was rediscovered through ancient texts in the mid-nineteenth century by Dr. Mikao Usui. 

Over the past 5 years Reiki has become a daily practice in my world and my desire to share this beautiful modality with others led me to become a Reiki Master and teacher. I have studied with and received instruction and certification from both Anna Dorian of Vibrant Reiki and Alan Waugh of Spirit Wisdom Healing.

 Sessions are 45 or 70 minutes long beginning with a short consultation and ending with one as well. After our chat you will lie on the massage table relaxing into your breath and listening to Solfeggio frequencies. Our consultation will tell me which areas to focus on though I will also scan your energetic field with my hands to best determine where else may need some focused attention. At times you will feel a light touch from my hands as I concentrate the flow of Reiki into a specific area. Some people feel extreme heat, while others feel a cooling sensation or buzzing, some cry releasing emotional trauma and some feel nothing at all. Everyone is different and will have different experiences within their body but the medicine is universal. After a session I will share any insights I gathered from your field during the session.

I am available for in home visits in the greater San Francisco Bay Area as well as distance sessions via Skype. For more information please visit: www.reiki.org

Crystal Healing, Infrared Therapy & PEMF

Crystal Healing, Infrared therapy and Pulsed Magentic Field Therapy (PEMF) are wonderful additions to a Reiki session. Together we will work with the knowledge in your body to discover which gems are most beneficial to you at the time of our session. Using these I will set up an intuitive crystal grid in your field after you have laid down on an Inframat Pro after which we will begin your Reiki session. Inframats are heated crystal (Touramaline, Jade and Amethyst) mats that provide negative ions, far infrared rays, pulsed electromagnetic field therapy (PEMF) and heated gemstones. The gemstones naturally emit negative ions and far infrared, and when heated emit even more providing healing benefits at a greater level. In our modern age of being surrounded by harmful electromagentic fields due to all our technology, PEMF helps to reset the vibration of your energetic field back to one which is resonant with nature and fills your cells with vitality. I am available for in home Crystal Healing, Reiki and Far Infrared Therapy in the Greater San Francisco Bay Area.


 I was raised calculating and reading astrology charts and introduced to tarot as a tool for self reflection. As I have grown, so has the depth of my relationship with these tools. I love interpreting charts and providing readings for people as it often lends to being able to put into words feelings they are having trouble describing, feeling understood, seen and empowered on a soul level. A reading can offer a fresh perspective with how to best use the energy one naturally embodies. I am available for readings anywhere via Skype.


Percussion Therapy

Percussion therapy breaks up scar tissue and loosens fascia enabling a freer range of motion, assists in muscle recovery and helps loosen the body up while promoting a sense of relaxation. As a percussionist, I pair my intuition and knowledge of the subtle body and anatomy with a Brimhall New Dimension Percussor. Using Applied Kinesiology, together we determine which areas of your body would benefit from percussion therapy. The head of the percussor is placed on the area in need of receiving the therapy and my hand is placed on the opposite side both to listen for the fascial release, along with administer Reiki. Percussion sessions are available at Healthy Life Chiropractic, a NUCCA speciality clinic in San Francisco.