Risa Robins-Moloney is a visual artist, energy worker and craftswoman.

Energy Work


Reiki is an energetic art form that gently seeded its way into my life long before I ever experienced it. My first session opened channels I hadn't even known were blocked and I left feeling light on my feet, as though I were spilling with bliss for days afterwards. I knew it was something I needed to learn to utilize for myself and to be able to provide the experience for others. Reiki has become a daily practice in my world since receiving my Shoden and Okuden attunements in 2014 and I just received my Reiki Master Teacher attunement on 11/11/17 and am excited to begin teaching this beautiful tool.  I am available for in person sessions in the SF Bay Area as well as distance sessions via Skype. I will be offering classes in the near future. For more information please visit: www.reiki.org


Astrology Readings

Calculating and reading charts on a very basic level was part of the "norm" in the home I was raised in. In my late teens and early 20's I dove deeper teaching myself more and more about the planets and how their energies interact with our own. I love studying and interpreting charts for people as it often lends to being able to put into words feelings they can't describe, feeling understood and seen on a soul level and offers fresh perspective with how to carry the energy they naturally embody to live a more internally comfortable life. I am available for Natal Chart sessions or Synasty (relationship) sessions anywhere via Skype.

Please note that it is imperative you have correct information regarding your date, time and place of birth if you wish to receive the most in depth reading possible.



I began experimenting with consciously encouraging the state of my brainwaves in 2010 and through the help of binaural beats and solfeggio frequencies experienced insights and memories I hadn't been able to reach previously. These tools allowed for a glimpse into the depths of my subconscious and when a friend raved about a ThetaHealing® session she had, the "Theta" being so resonant, I jumped at a new opportunity to potentially go even deeper. My first session revealed and re-patterned more than I could have ever imagined. Healing belief patterns held from past lives restructured my life today. The potency of how deep it went and how strongly things shifted afterwards instilled the desire to want to be able to provide the experience for others. It's a modality I've in many ways been practicing naturally for years but didn't have the tools to reach the depths that using this structure provides. I am available for in person sessions by appointment in the SF Bay Area or anywhere else in the galaxy via Skype.  For more information please visit www.thetahealing.com